Why collaborate?

Why collaborate with Fundació Junts Autisme?

Fundació Junts Autisme is an entity formed by families of people with autism. The organisation functions and is supported by donations from individuals and legal entities and by the co-payment by families for the different services we offer to their children.

Even so, this income is insufficient to be able to do all the work we do and to achieve our objectives, to reach as many people as possible. We do not want the economic factor to be an obstacle/inconvenience for a person with autism and their family to receive the best possible care. In order to provide the service we offer to the beneficiaries and their families, we need more financial, material and human resources.

Thanks to the support of individuals, private foundations, public administration, companies and other entities external to the foundation we have been able to get this far, but we need you, we need you to keep moving forward.

Would you like to collaborate with us? These are the options we offer you to do so.

Share with us your most precious treasure. Your time.

One of the best gifts you can give us is your time.

If you want to learn about autism and share unforgettable moments with children, young people and adults with ASD. Putting your experience and knowledge at the service of these wonderful people who need you, and having a lot of fun at the same time? Don’t think about it any more.

Participate in “Cors Blaus” the volunteering programme of Fundación Juntos Autismo and help people with autism and their families.

Help us every day of the year. Join the Junts Autisme Family.

By becoming a member you support our project 365 days a year and change the lives of many people.

With a recurring annual contribution of €80 or a quarterly contribution of €20 you support the global project of the organisation throughout the year and favour the stability and future projection of the foundation. We will share with you the latest news about the organisation and the activities we organise in which you can participate. Join this journey to improve the lives of people with autism.

Did you know that your membership fee is subject to tax advantages? We explain it to you!

Big or small, your donation counts for a lot for us.

Everything adds up and with your donation you will help us much more than you can imagine. Whatever the amount, it will be an important contribution.

Thanks to spontaneous donations from people like you, we improve the range and diversity of the services we offer, maintain the highest quality, evolve and improve every day. Your support is essential for our project to move forward.

What’s more, your contribution will cost you very little. You can deduct up to 80% of your donations.

Do you have a company and are you looking to join a charitable cause? Help us to make autism visible.

I’m sure that from your company you can help us in many ways.

Together we can contribute to create a fairer and more inclusive society for people with autism. Together we can go much further. The possibilities of collaboration are many: from offering help with your professional services in the different projects of the entity to giving job opportunities to our young people.

There is a lot to do, it’s all about putting yourself out there. Shall we talk?

You can continue to improve the quality of life and the future of people with autism after you are gone.

Include Fundació Junts Autisme in your solidarity will.

If you want your legacy to continue building a fairer and more inclusive society, if you would like to continue to improve the lives of many people and make them happy even if you are no longer here, perhaps the solidarity will is an option for you.

Continue your solidarity and contribute to create a dignified future for people with autism.

Solidarity has no limits. There are many other ways to collaborate.

The needs of a foundation such as ours are many and varied. But there are also many needs and a lot of work beyond the organisation.

That’s why we have developed other options for collaboration that cover other aspects of the work we do, such as outreach, awareness raising, dissemination. Collaborations that help our beneficiaries, but that also contribute to make autism visible and help many other people outside Fundación Juntos Autismo.

If you have an idea how to help and you can’t find it here, we would like to hear from you! Write to us at: [email protected]
or call us by phone: 931 808 926.


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