Leisure activities

Learning while having fun

Learning is important, but so is having fun. If you can do both at the same time even better.

From the very beginning, we were very clear about having spaces and moments to enjoy and have fun, because it contributes to the quality of life of the individual. At the same time, if we wanted to offer a comprehensive service that covered all the needs and aspects of a person’s development, we had to design a leisure service for the beneficiaries of the foundation.

At Fundació Junts Autisme we organize activities for children, adolescents and adults with ASD so they can have fun, socialize and share experiences with other people in and outside their environment, in addition to learning.

The foundation aims to ensure that people with autism and their families have access to this valuable part of everyday life for everyone. With this in mind, we organise recreational and inclusive activities tailored to their needs.

Leisure activities for children

In the case of the youngest children, the activities usually take place in environments that are not exclusively for people with autism.

We organise group activities in an outdoor environment, surrounded by nature, with a programme of activities designed to make them have fun and be fully supervised at all times.

  • Children’s club during the year.
  • Inclusive Summer Club.
  • Summer Camp.

Leisure activities for teenagers

In the case of teenagers, we try to get them involved in age appropriate activities, things they like and are interested in, such as going to the cinema, going out for a drink, playing board games together, playing laser tag, visiting theme parks, etc.

Activities and programmes are always chosen within the group, taking into account the preferences of all participants. The proposal we offer to this age group is known as “Teenagers Outings” and consists of

  • Social skills group.
  • “Youth Club”, one Saturday afternoon a month.
  • Quarterly two night weekend outing.
  • Inclusive ·”Summer Club”.

Leisure activities for young adults

For the adults in our EVI project, we organise leisure activities throughout the year. These activities are adapted to the participants’ age and personal preferences.

The most comprehensive activity is the two or three day trip, which we organise four times a year. We choose a place of natural beauty or cultural interest, where the participants live together for a few days and share different experiences. We go shopping, cooking, walking, visiting places of cultural interest, going to the cinema, water or mountain activities, etc. The activities vary and are adapted as much as possible to each person’s preferences.

The aim of these outings is for young people to have a good time, feel comfortable, enjoy the company, and interact with environments different from those they are usually accustomed to.

During the week, we have study and work routines that also include moments of leisure and fun, such as having breakfast together in the bar in the morning or practicing yoga and mantras once a week, in addition to the different sports activities that they regularly practice according to their preferences: swimming, gymnastics, basketball or climbing.

Leisure activities for adults are:

  • Four two or three day trips per year.
  • Daily summer activities.
  • Weekly sports activities.
  • Yoga and mantras.

We announce all the activities we organise for people outside the organisation on our social networks. Follow us and don’t miss out!

If you would like more information about the recreational services we offer at the foundation, you can write to us at: [email protected]
or call us on 931 808 926.


These are the services we offer Fundació Junts Autisme to
accompany and support people with autism and their families.


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