Board of Trustees

Fundació Junts Autisme Board of Trustees

Fundació Junts Autisme was born in 2010 as an association from the initiative of a group of families who were confronted with the existing shortcomings of the public administration services for the care of their sons and daughters with ASD.

Organised as an association, the group of families started by creating care services for their children and also services that they needed as families. These services were adapted and improved as everyone’s needs changed over the years.

The association was transformed into a foundation in 2016 by a unanimous decision of the General Assembly, with the aim of giving the entity a better social accreditation and a greater guarantee and patrimonial security. The constitution and creation of entities that cover the entire territory is necessary and vital, as the shortcomings of thirteen years ago are unfortunately still exist today.

Currently, the Board of Trustees of our organisation is made up of 8 people, 4 mothers and 4 fathers of people with ASD, thus ensuring the founding principle that gave birth to our organisation:

“To develop and implement specialised services that ensure the quality of life for people with autism and their families, promote their full integration into the community, and raise awareness in society about the reality of autism.”

Composition of the Board of Trustees of the Fundació Junts Autisme, Registry of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

M. del Carme Garnica Pérez

Neus Payerol Gràcia

Gemma Albesa Galtés
Roger Fontcuberta Mas
Jose Guillén Vázquez
Laura Novellas Viñals
Josep M. Soler Ferrer
Victor de Frutos Bosque


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