Sharing to improve the lives of people with ASD. Training for professionals and families

At Fundació Junts Autisme, we have a long history of providing training for intervention in autism spectrum disorders.

We are a team of professionals who understood from the beginning that to support people with autism and their families, we also had to learn how to teach and share our knowledge and expertise.

We use didactic methods to communicate this knowledge in an understandable way so that people can make the most of it. The aim is for both the various professionals and the people close to the person with autism to achieve maximum autonomy in their relationship and life with him/her…

Face-to-face and online autism training

We organise face-to-face and online training throughout the year.

We also provide advice and personalised training and support in community settings, health centres, sports centres, schools, institutes and universities.

In educational centres, taking into account the needs of the centre and the objectives of the demand, we offer specific training in autism. Some examples of training are:

  • Recognising and understanding what autism is.
  • Specific training in strategies that work in the classroom.
  • Awareness-raising activities with a class group or the whole centre.
  • Providing the tutor with personalised tools for a student with ASD.

We offer a specialized training and orientation program tailored to the adult life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In this program, participants receive guidance on making changes and adaptations in relationships and daily routines. We thoroughly analyze specific cases to identify opportunities for improving the quality of life for individuals with autism, promoting autonomy. Additionally, we create and share materials to support this training and orientation process.

We also organise training on specific topics by inviting speakers who are leading figures in the field of autism, both in academia and in practice.

Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us what you need and we will prepare a training proposal adapted to the reality of your school, company or family situation.

Follow us on our social media and you will be able to see the training sessions planned for the coming months.


These are the services we offer Fundació Junts Autisme to
accompany and support people with autism and their families.


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