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"The family, the backbone of all our actions".

"Fundació Junts Autisme has supported us administratively, educationally and emotionally". Mayka and Jose, Julia's parents.

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"The person at the centre".

At Fundació Junts Autisme, we propose integral support for the person with autism throughout their life cycle.

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"Autism is invisible "

According to recent studies in Catalonia, "1 in 50 boys and 1 in 200 girls have autism". Despite these alarming data, autism is still invisible.

We want to make it visible. Would you help us?

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"We all have the same basic needs".

Eating, drinking, loving, being happy, working and so on. But we all need different specific support to meet these needs.

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What do we do?

At Fundació Junts Autisme, we work every day to achieve real inclusion for people with autism
in their respective communities, ensuring that their needs,
whether large or small, numerous or few, are met throughout their lives.
We take a comprehensive 360° approach by engaging with the individual’s environment. We establish links with
schools, universities, hospitals, local businesses, leisure facilities and specialised therapists,
among others. This results in personalised interventions tailored to the needs of each beneficiary.


These are the services offered by Fundació Junts Autisme to
accompany and support people with autism and their families.

Making autism visible

Fundació Junts Autisme operates under the principles established by the ‘Law of Equality, Non- Discrimination, and Universal Accessibility’ (LIONDAU) and ‘The International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ (CRPD) of the United Nations. Leave No One Behind.

Entities in solidarity with Fundació Junts Autisme


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