Documents for professionals

Diffusion documents and information on autism and areas of intervention, inclusion and support.


Guide to the Personal Assistant Service Specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEA)
This document edited by Autismo Ávila with the support of Social Services of Castilla y León and Fundació La Caixa, explains the figure of the personal assistant, the services that a person with autism can receive from the personal assistant, the need for specialization and what role both the family and the person with autism play in it. Download

Autistic spectrum disorders and their treatment
Document that explains the position of the Council of the College of Doctors of Catalonia on ASD and its treatment in response to the appearance of different pseudosciences that can lead to false beliefs of healing and/or the administration of harmful substances by the body. Download

Descriptions of the first cases of autism diagnosed by Leo Kanner in 1943. Download

Strategies to improve sleep in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Guide edited by Autism Speaks for families to facilitate sleep for people with ASD at home based on the research and clinical experience of sleep and autism experts. It is aimed at people of any age up to and including adolescence. Suggestions can help the person with ASD sleep better or improve their sleep/wake schedule. Download

Autism in the first year. Article by Isabel Paula and Josep Artigas Pallarés.
Information on some symptoms of autism that can already be perceived between 6 months and 12 months of age in children which, despite having limited diagnostic interest, provide very valuable information for the understanding of autism within the framework of neurodevelopmental disorders. Download

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Identification, understanding and intervention.
Guide edited by Autism Europe that offers guidance on autism from diagnosis to support throughout the life cycle. Download

One autism, several autisms. Phenotypic variability in autism spectrum disorders – Amaia Hervás.
Article that talks about the heterogeneity of autism. Aspects related to the development of symptoms, sex, comorbidity, age and etiology determine the variability in the clinical presentation of ASD. Download

Practical guide for ESCAP autism: summary of evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and treatment – Joaquín Fuentes, Amaia Hervás, Patricia Howlin (ESCAP Working Group for Autism) – European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.
Summary of current information about autism that focuses on ways to detect, diagnose, and treat it. Download

Scientific evidence of Sensory Integration as an occupational therapy approach in autism – Alejandra J. Abelenda, Ekaine Rodríguez Armendariz.
This article briefly presents the theoretical-practical antecedents of Ayres’ Sensory Integration and its application in ASD. Historical criticisms that evidence Sensory Integration as a therapeutic intervention are reviewed. Download

Autism Europe
Autism-Europe (AE) is an international network of around 90 national, regional and local organizations from 38 countries that represent people with ASD and their families. The main objective of AE is to promote their rights to help them improve their quality of life and promote inclusion. Headquartered in Brussels, it guarantees an effective link between its members, European and international institutions and other related associations.

This document offers guidance on several key aspects, from diagnosis to lifelong support, in order to promote an evidence-based and rights-based approach to autism, in accordance with the social model of disability and the Convention of the United Nations on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Its objective is to make available to the general public data based on evidence derived from European and international research, in order to promote a better understanding of autism and, in turn, have a positive impact on the lives of people on the spectrum autistic Download

Autism and family

Autism, a guide for grandparents – Autism Speaks.
Guide designed especially for grandparents of children with autism that can help learn about autism and the impact it has on the family, discover ways to support the child (parent of the child with autism), discover ways to develop a better relationship with grandchildren, receive emotional support. Download

The effect of a child with autism on the family – Dr. Francesc Cuxart and Mrs. Lidia Fina.
Document that describes the process that most families go through when their son or daughter is diagnosed with ASD and that offers a series of support resources. Download

A child with autism in the family – University of Salamanca.
Basic guide for families who have received an autism diagnosis for their son or daughter. Download

“Yo como tú” – FEAPS Madrid.
A guide that explains functional diversity and invites you to relate to people with intellectual disabilities in an open and enriching way for everyone. Download

Autism and education

Aprendo en el recreo – Natalia de Francisco Nielfa.
Guide developed by Autismo Sevilla to develop the social skills of students with ASD in an educational environment.Descarregar

Guía de intervención dirigida a alumnado con autismo.
Guide developed by Autismo Castilla y León that aims to help us understand the educational needs of students with ASD and few support needs.Descarregar

Acoso escolar y Trastorno del Espectro del Autismo.
Action guide for teachers and families edited and revised by Autismo España to identify bullying situations and put a stop to them, as well as help and support the victims.Descarregar

Guía para la integración del alumnado con TEA en la Educación Primaria – Ma del Mar Gallego Matellán.
Guide published with the support of the Instituto Universitario de Integración en Comunidad de la Universidad de Salamanca to serve students with ASD in an efficient, inclusive, accurate and sufficient manner.Descarregar

Transición de Primaria a Secundaria – Patricia Thorpe.
This guide is aimed at education professionals to help students with ASD in their transition from primary to secondary school. It can also be very useful for families. Download

Other professional documents

We also find a lot of information on the website of the Confederación Autismo España I, more specifically, in the guides they have developed from the Research department and disclosure of this entity. The guides at your disposal are the following:

Quality of life collection:

  • “I also decide. Practical guide for people with autism spectrum disorder and great support needs to make decisions about their lives.” Download
  • “Quality of life and autism spectrum disorder. The greater the quality of support, the better the lives behind”. Download


Collection Communication and social image:

  • “Manual of style. How to approach autism spectrum disorder from the media”. Download


Collection Rights:

  • Easy-to-read guide for people with autism spectrum disorder and their families. “Make decisions that protect our legal interests. Download


Education Collection:

  • “School bullying and autism spectrum disorder. Action guide for teachers and families”. Download
  • Guide for students “Responsible and safe use of ICT in students with autism spectrum disorder”. Download
  • Guide for teachers “Responsible and safe use of ICT in students with autism spectrum disorder”. Descargar


Work Collection:

  • “Employment and autism spectrum disorder. A potential to discover”. Download
  • “Vocational guidance guide for people with autism spectrum disorder”. Download


Active Aging Collection:

  • “Cómo segurar mi tranquilidad. Practical guide to promote the legal security of older persons with autism spectrum disorder and their families”. Download
  • “Guardian foundations. An alternative to favor the legal protection of people with autism spectrum disorder”. Download
  • “Aging and Autism Spectrum Disorder. An invisible life stage”. Download


Innovation and Social Transformation Collection:

  • “Gender equality plan. Practical guide for the implementation of the gender equality plan in entities”. Download


Health Collection:

  • “The care of my health. Practical guide for promoting the health of older people with autism spectrum disorder”. Download
  • “Palliative care for people with autism spectrum disorder”. Download
  • “Emotional well-being in autism spectrum disorder. Childhood and youth”. Download



  • “Cognitive accessibility. The understanding of the environment”. Download


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