Online resources

Online resources

We have compiled a collection of tools, applications and web pages with content that can help you in your day-to-day life, whether you are a person with autism, a family member, or a professional who works with people with ASD.

Remember that from the foundation we also organize training on topics related to this condition in different areas (family environment, health, school, leisure spaces, etc.). You will find more information about this service on the Training page of this website.

If you want more information about any of these resources or have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected]

Websites about autism


It offers graphic and material resources to facilitate communication for people who have difficulties in this area. Visit

Doctor TEA

Facilitates medical visits for people with ASD with support materials and explanations that anticipate and help understand the most frequent medical practices and also provides information about autism for healthcare professionals. Visit

Offers articles, materials, information and other resources on sensory integration and autonomy. Visit

Sexuality and Disability

Website of the State entity Sexualidad y Discapacidad which, in its resources section, offers a whole series of documents and information about sexuality in people with different functional diversities (including autism). Visit


Blog about technology and ASD. Visit


Blog about working with students and people with ASD through Tablets.


Seminars and explanatory videos to understand ASD symptoms. Visit

José Ramón Alonso’s blog

Blog about autism and neuroscience. Visit

Website of María José Mas

Research and dissemination in neurology. Visit


Informative blog where articles and information about ASD are shared. Visit


Organization of professionals dedicated to ASD. You will find resources, training, research, etc. Visit

Spanish Autism Confederation

Non-profit state-level confederation that groups and represents more than 170 entities in the third sector of social action promoted by relatives of people with autism spectrum disorder (*TEA) that provide specific support and services and specialized for the collective. Visit

Planeta Visual

Resource guide. Visit

Soy visual

Web with photos, sheets and materials for the intervention of language and communication. Visit

La festa d’aniversari

Video. Visit


AETAPI’s work bulletins, we would like to highlight the website created from the bullfight on autism and gender diversity. Visit

El sonido de la hierba al crecer

It offers many resources and materials for working in different areas (stimulation, language, joc, cognitive, autonomy, theory of mind…) health. Visit

Mobile applications on autism


Application search engine for people with ASD both through PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Visual Time Applications


A daily/weekly calendar to organize the day visually (iOS and Android). Visit

In TIC Agenda

Visual schedule for Windows. Visit

Day cape

Visual schedule for iOs. Visit



Día a Día

Visual schedule for Android and iOs. Visit


Accessible from webApp and downloadable for Android and iOs. Visit

Other applications


Free and customizable applications so that people with autism and/or intellectual disabilities can improve their communication, task planning and leisure activities. Visit


Windows application to improve personal autonomy. Visit


Strengthens visual attention and trains the acquisition of meaning in people with ASD and other support needs. Visit


Stories adapted with pictograms. Visit

Aprendices Visuales

Stories and materials with pictograms. Visit


Application to design your own content. Visit


Applications developed with pictograms to help people who have oral expression difficulties improve their communication. Visit


Estigues sempre informat de totes les novetats.

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