Solidarity will

Give continuity to your solidarity with a solidarity will.

A joint and several will consists of including one or more non-profit organisations in your will, either leaving a part of your patrimony (inheritance) or a specific asset (estate), without in any case prejudicing the part of your legitimate heirs, if this is the case.

Foundations and NGOs are not subject to inheritance tax, so the donation will be paid in full to the beneficiary organisation. In this way, with your arrival you will continue to help many people even if you are no longer there.

By including the Junts Autisme Foundation in your will you will help to improve the lives of people with autism and their families, raise awareness of this condition and contribute to achieving more equal and just societies.

How to make a solidarity will?

Leaving your donation to a foundation or NGO is simpler than it may seem.

If you wish to include Fundació Junts Autisme in your will as an heir or beneficiary of an inheritance, you only have to indicate your will at the notary’s office when you are making your will. This is the information you will need:

  • Organització: Junts Autisme Foundation
  • NIF: G-65463366
  • Registered office: Carrer Auterive, Edifici Xifré 1ª Planta, s/n, 08350 Arenys de Mar, Barcelona

However, we recommend that you follow these steps in order to be sure of the process and your decision:

  • Consult a notary’s office when drawing up the will. They will advise you on the drafting, resolve any doubts and highlight important details, guaranteeing the validity of the document and that it is completed as you have established.
  • Include the Junts Autisme Foundation as a legacy of your arrival. You will need the data indicated above.
  • Make sure that your family, partner or someone you trust has a copy of the will.
  • Inform us that you have included the Junts Autisme Foundation in the will, this can make the process much easier. This option is optional, if you prefer not to do it, it is not necessary.

If you have any doubts or would like to know more about this process, please contact us and we will explain what you need. We have the collaboration and advice of legal professionals who will voluntarily help you to solve your doubts.

Options when drawing up a will or joint and several will.

  • Donate a part of the assets through an agreement. It can be a sum of money, a percentage of the value of the patrimony, a real estate property, works of art, shares, etc.
  • Donate assets to more than one person and/or institution. You can then name the Fundació Junts Autisme as co-heir and indicate the percentage allocated to each party.
  • In case of not having hereus, designate Fundació Junts Autisme as universal heir and transfer all assets, rights and/or shares to it.

Our commitment

Your contribution will be used for different projects and services of the organisation. If you wish, you can indicate what type of project or service you would like us to use your inheritance or legacy for.

Our commitment is to act with total professionalism and transparency to ensure that the will you have expressed in your will is completed. The inheritance process up to the adjudication will be carried out diligently, collaborating with all parties and complying with all legal obligations.

If you would like more information about how to collaborate with your solidarity will you can write to us at: [email protected]
or call us by phone 931 808 926.


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