Solidarity company

Do you have a company and are you looking to join a charitable cause? Help us to make autism more visible.

The collaboration of the business sector is increasingly important and necessary for our foundation. For years we have had several companies that collaborate with us on a regular basis, both financially and with professional goods and services. We have also received occasional support from companies that have selected our projects as beneficiaries of their solidarity and corporate social responsibility campaigns.

I’m sure that from your company you can help us in many ways. Together we can contribute to creating a fairer and more inclusive society for people with autism.

There are many possibilities for collaboration:

  • To help with your experience and knowledge in certain projects (for example, legal advice).
  • Offer your facilities and human resources to carry out pre-employment activities with the young people of the EVI project.
  • Create a solidarity challenge to raise funds among the employees of your company.
  • Make a one-off financial donation.
  • Sponsor a weekend trip for a group of young people by offering your property or facilities in an altruistic way.

Some examples of collaborations with companies that we have been carrying out for some years now

Bakary shop el Obrador, Arenys de Munt

The professional team of this artisan bakery offers its time, knowledge and facilities to provide an opportunity for training and pre-employment experience to the young people of the region. EVI Project from 2019. The group of young people carry out different tasks typical of the pastry master’s profession with the support of the foundation’s professionals and the pastry team. At Pastisseria L’Obrador they are committed to making sure that all people with autism, with different support needs, can choose to have a decent job. It can be done, it is possible, the boys and girls of EVI Project have proved it!

Restaurant Blau de Mar, Arenys de Mar

This restaurant is one of the local businesses that have been collaborating with our organisation for some years now. Every Wednesday the young people of the EVI Project help to prepare the restaurant so that when the customers arrive everything is ready. This activity provides these young people with a unique opportunity to improve their autonomy, develop skills and acquire learning that will help them to access a possible job in the future. Without the effort and involvement of all the people involved, these learning and skills would be much more difficult to achieve.

Bestard Disseny, Palma de Mallorca

This communication and design agency has been collaborating for years with the foundation in a disinterested way in the conception of the organization’s image and the design of communication materials and products. As an entity, we have the need and the obligation to communicate and to show what garbage. Transparency and accountability is one of our commitments to beneficiaries, partners, donors, public administration and society in general. Without the help of the creative team behind this small agency we could not have access to many of the things we do in the field of communication such as having a website like this one you are seeing!

Vinyals i Soler

For the last five years, this important company from the Maresme region has been making a very important annual financial contribution to the foundation. Thanks to this we can plan and program from one year to the next various activities in the different projects and ensure their continuity.

Xicoy Electronica S.L.

For two consecutive years, the employees of the Canet de Mar company have chosen Fundación Juntos Autismo as the beneficiary of their solidarity and corporate social responsibility campaign. We hope to continue to occupy first place for many years to come!

Antiga Badosa, Arenys de Mar

The fashion boutique collaborates with the organization by designing small accessories or objects that the young people of the EVI Project produce in the foundation’s workshops. The company is in charge of proposing the product and design, providing the materials and the young people produce them. Once these are finished they come to the store and all profits are for the daily expenses of the boys and girls.

Stores and businesses in Maresme

Numerous shops and businesses in the area collaborate with the organisation by selling in their establishments the handmade products made by the children of the EVI Project in the foundation’s workshops or by selling Christmas lottery tickets.

There is a lot to do, it’s all about putting yourself out there.
Shall we talk?

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