Welcome to Fundació Junts Autisme

We are one of the most active foundations for people with autism in Catalonia.

The main objective of Fundació Junts Autisme is to achieve the full inclusion of people with ASD within the community throughout their life cycle. To achieve this goal, we have developed and adapted services and activities to address their specific needs at different stages of their lives.

This model guarantees attention at all stages of the life of the person with autism. A model of care born as an alternative to the current models and which emphasises the need to empower all the actors involved, especially those who are part of the family nucleus.

Our history...

Fundació Junts Autisme was born as an association in 2010 from the initiative of a group of parents with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It transitioned into a foundation in 2016, all while preserving the original philosophy and founding objectives set forth in 2010.

From the beginning, the aim of the organisation has been to defend the rights of people with autism and their families and to respond to the care needs of this group.

Over the years, we have developed and implemented specialized services aimed at ensuring the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families. Our goal is to achieve real inclusion within the community and raise awareness in society about the reality of autism.

We are an innovative entity in the paradigm of care for people with ASD. Conscious, rooted in the territory and in constant evolution and growth. Professional, ethical and with high quality specialised services. We promote networking with all other local actors and third sector organisations. We create alliances, share knowledge and work to improve the quality of life of people with autism.

After more than 13 years of activity, the Fundació Junts Autisme has become the reference organisation for the care of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Maresme and its area of influence. The initial project has evolved into a comprehensive project that accompanies the person with ASD at all stages of their life cycle. To achieve this, has evolved into a comprehensive program that supports individuals with ASD throughout every stage of their life cycle.

Fundació Junts Autisme works under the premises of the “Law of Equality, Non- Discrimination and Universal Accessibility” (LIONDAU) and the “International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CDPD) of the United Nations.



Arenys de Mar, Barcelona


  • Offices C/ Auterive, Edifici Xifré, 1a planta, s/n
  • Child Intervention Center, C/ Anselm Clavé 17, 1r
  • Stella Maris C/ Pompeu Fabra, 48


Professional team

31 people

Direct beneficiaries

80 children and young people with autism

Indirect beneficiaries

2500 people

Impact on our environment

15,000 people, Arenys de Mar and Maresme

Families assisted

200 families annually


75 volunteers


300 trained professionals

Area of influence

We serve people from towns in the districts of Barcelonès, Vallès Oriental, Maresme and la Selva.

Our goals from the beginning...

  • Respond to the needs of people with ASD and their families.

  • Promote specialised services in Maresme and surrounding areas.

  • Raise awareness of the reality of autism in society.


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