Other ways to collaborate

Other ways to collaborate with Junts Autism Foundation

Give the gift of autism training

The prevalence of autism is increasing. According to the latest studies in Catalonia “1 in every 50 boys and 1 in every 200 girls has autism” and in five years there will be a child with autism in every class.

More and more service companies, individuals, schools come to us asking for help to meet the needs of their users, customers, etc. By giving your team specialized training on autism, you also help us make this condition more visible while improving the service you offer to your users.

We have a professional team specialized in autism to design a specific training for the needs of your company and your human team.

Celebrate your events by making autism visible and add value to your gifts.

Give gifts handmade by the boys and girls of the foundation. We will customize them to your liking. Do not doubt that they will come loaded with affection and excitement! Weddings, birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, baptisms, Christmas or any occasion you want to celebrate.

What can we offer you? So far we have made: beaded bracelets with colored pieces of the entity, glass candle holders, scented bags for wardrobes, key rings, cloth shopping bags, plates and Christmas stars to decorate the tree or your house.

We’re always looking for new ideas, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any special requests.

Christmas lottery. Help us spread luck!

Every year we spread luck with our charity Christmas lottery. How can you help us?

Selling shares in your business, company or directly to your family and friends. Spreading the word about our number on social networks. Buying your lottery ticket directly from the foundation.

Contact us at the beginning of October if you want to share luck with us next Christmas.

Cakes in solidarity with autism

One of the activities scheduled within the EVI Project has been taking place since 2019 at the Pastisseria L’Obrador. The group of young people carry out different tasks typical of the profession of master pastry chef with the support of the professionals of the foundation and the team of pastry chefs. As a result of this collaboration, “Pastissos Solidaris” was born, an initiative where the young people of the Junts Autism Foundation prepare cakes to order for that special celebration.

The cakes cost €18/kg. If you tell us how many people you want to order the cake for, we will give you the price per unit. Orders must be placed one or two weeks in advance. All profits obtained from the sale of these cakes go to the EVI Project.

What do you need to do to order your charity cake?

The cakes are beautiful and delicious!

Sant Jordi’s Day. Give roses in solidarity with autism.

For Sant Jordi you can help us by giving roses in solidarity with autism. Every year we make a stop at the Riera Bisbe Pol d’Arenys de Mar.

We buy the roses directly at the flower market and prepare them one by one. They are known in the village for how beautiful they are. The young people of the EVI Project prepare the clothes and ribbons that will dress the roses the days before and if the day falls on a working day and not a holiday, they also come to help us and participate in the day with the rest of the team and the volunteering Fundació Junts Autism solidarity roses can also be ordered in advance. We receive orders from residences, hotels, restaurants, businesses, entire families, etc.

You can also come and spend this beautiful day with us and help us with your time by volunteering. A few days before April 23rd, we announce on social networks the location of our stand of solidarity roses.

You can also call us or write us an email if you want to order them directly from the foundation.

Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with us?

Professionals from architecture, design, audiovisual production, law, finance, construction and many other professions collaborate with the organization selflessly to cover different needs at different times and different projects.

New needs arise as we move forward, expand and improve our service offering, so the help of specialized professionals is always welcome.

If you want to collaborate with us with your time, experience and knowledge, contributing to the growth of our global project for people with autism and their families, do not hesitate to contact us.

Teaming. Microdonations of €1 per month

Do you know Teaming? Teaming is an online fundraising tool through micro-donations of €1 per month created for social causes. The philosophy behind Teaming is based on the idea that with €1 we can’t do much alone, but together we can achieve great things. Little by little we can get big changes.

At Fundació Junts Autisme we believe in this way of thinking because our experience over the years has shown us that little by little and being constant you can achieve a lot. ​ 223 / 5.000 Resultats de traducció Resultat de traducció If you want to help us with just €1 a month, we invite you to look for the Fundació Junts Autisme group on the Teaming page. It’s very easy, just type Fundació Junts Autisme in the search engine and join our group .

You will never have achieved so much with so little!

Bizum. We make it easy for you

At any time you can make a donation using the simplest method that exists: Bizum!

You can also buy your gifts, roses, lottery, cakes with this method. Being supportive has never been so quick and easy.

Here are the data and steps to follow:


Talk about us, be our speaker.

You can help us make autism visible and spread the word about important issues. Claim the rights of people with autism and their families to have access to the same services and opportunities as other people. To live a dignified and full life.

Follow us on social media and share our informative content.

What else, what else….

You have an idea to help us and you want to explain it to us…we’re listening!

Write to us at: [email protected] or call us by phone: 931 808 926.


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