Mission, vision, values

Mission, vision, values

The Foundation’s vision, mission and values guide everything we do and everything we communicate. Every task, every activity, every success we achieve.


The mission of Fundació Junts Autisme is to defend the rights and dignity of people with autism or an autism spectrum disorder in order to improve their quality of life and that of their families, by promoting services and projects that guarantee their effective integration in the community, in the educational, social and professional fields, throughout their life cycle.


People with autism have the right to quality services that guarantee the care they need throughout their life cycle. These services must follow innovative processes, approaches and applications. We work for the transformation and improvement of services and policies for this group.


  • Empathy, we know how to listen
  • Collaboration, we are open to new ideas
  • Commitment, we achieve our goals
  • Professionalism and experience, we believe in what we do
  • Ethics and fairness, we respect all people
  • Innovation, we stay alert to change
  • Transparency, our doors are always open
  • Accountability, we are trustworthy partners


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