The voice and face of Fundació Junts Autisme

In this section you will find some of the testimonies of the people who are part of the Junts Autisme family: family members, the professional team, volunteers and other valuable people who support us on a daily basis.

The people with autism we serve at the foundation are at the epicentre of everything we do and are the reason why we do our best every day of the year, as are their families.

Families come to us with many doubts and worries and accept the challenge of embarking with us on a long and difficult process to improve their quality of life and that of their children. We are there for them too. The essence of the Fundació Junts Autisme is the human factor, the person is always our priority.

Not only the people with autism and their families, but also the team of professionals and volunteers who work every day to provide the best service to the people they serve and to make society aware of the reality of autism.

To all of you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Júlia's parents Mayka and Jose

“Fundació Junts Autisme has supported us administratively, educationally and

Mayka and Jose have two children, Julia and Xavier. Julia, 18, has autism and very frequent epileptic seizures. They are one of the founding families of the Fundació Junts Autisme: “The entity has always been with us to accompany and support Julia, both therapeutically and emotionally.

Now that Júlia is beginning her adult life, Mayka and Jose emphasize the fundamental need to continue working to ensure a dignified future for Júlia. They call on both public administrations and civil society to continue supporting the foundation in its mission to accompany people with ASD in all aspects of their lives, enabling them to exercise and enjoy their rights.

Isabel, Mario's mother

“The most important thing for us is that our son is happy”.

Mario is a very happy boy. He loves to tell jokes and distracts the therapists with his naughtiness. When they tell him to work, he says a phrase he has heard in a story: “What big eyes you have…”, which brings a big smile to their faces.

Time flies when you are with him. He works very hard and is always learning new things. He is always ready to play with his friends, have fun and give hugs. Mario radiates light wherever he goes and although there are things he struggles with, his ability to learn and overcome any obstacle is incredible. He is a champion!

Cristina, Josep's mother

“For us, the foundation is the family that never judges you, that is always there for you, that stays
by your side”

Josep is a very outgoing and friendly boy. He loves face painting, dressing up and playing with other children. He enjoys explaining things, although he struggles a little, he is working hard to improve. Josep is a very curious child, he likes the sound of English and Russian and looks for videos on YouTube to hear people speaking these languages.

Marian Garcia, Technical Director Fundació Junts Autisme

“For me, the foundation is the one that has seen me grow. We have grown together professionally and personally”.

Marian Garcia serves as the Technical Director of Fundació Junts Autisme. As a special education teacher, she holds a postgraduate degree in intervention in ASD, a master’s degree in speech disorders, and a master’s degree in educational speech therapy. Additionally, Marian has contributed as a lecturer in the postgraduate course on autism at the UDG and as an associate lecturer at the UAB.

In her role, Marian coordinates the foundation’s services, ensuring the fulfilment of objectives for each beneficiary. She organises and oversees the team of professionals and defines the foundation’s intervention and service strategy. Since joining the Junts Autisme family in 2010, Marian has played a crucial role in the foundation’s growth and development.

Maria Abril, Coordinator of the Sensory Integration Service Fundació Junts Autisme

“Junts Autisme represents a sense of unity, both with families and the professional team, working together to enhance the quality of life for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).”

María Abril is an occupational therapist specialising in sensory integration who joined the foundation in 2016. Her sweet and energetic personality, combined with her sensitivity and empathy, allows her to build a unique relationship with the people she cares for at the Foundation. With María we initiated the sensory integration service, which currently serves 22 people with ASD.


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